Choosing the perfect campground can be a daunting task, especially as RV’ing and camping becomes more and more popular. Our options for camping used to be state and municipal parks, with the exception of a private campground here and there. Today, we still have our state and municipal campgrounds, but private campgrounds have morphed into RV Campgrounds, RV Resorts, rig-specific campgrounds and campgrounds dedicated solely to our children and even our pets!

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Your perfect campground is only a few steps away!

Set a Budget

This is our #1 suggestion for beginning your campground search. Know what you want to spend for the time you will be camping. The difference between paying $40 per night and splurging on a $100 per night camping space is HUGE – especially when you are staying multiple nights. Be sure to account for fees that may not be included in the general rate, such as additional person charges, pet fees and local taxes.

Determine Your Camping Vacation Destination

Where are you heading? Are you traveling close to home or do you have a particular region of the country or a state that you would like to camp? Knowing this before you start drooling over the perfect campground can come in handy.

Consider Your Audience

One of the first steps to considering your audience is to find your camping style. Think about the camping style of those you will be camping with as well – your spouse, children or friends. Older children may prefer a campground with a plethora of outdoor activities, while younger children will be blown away by scheduled activities that cater to them or playground equipment. Do you have a spouse that has to stay connected? A strong Wi-Fi signal at your campground may be on the must-have list (or the must-not-have list… just sayin’).

Tip: If you have younger children, you may want to consider a campground similar to a Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park. You can read our review at the Jellystone Park in Bremen, GA

You may also want to ensure you have the proper equipment for the type of camping destination you are look for. Be sure you have the proper RV essentials before you begin any camping trip.

Find the perfect campground with these simple steps and quick tips from Roadtrip Republic.

Plan Your Activities

If your family loves to hike and will be doing so on your trip, it makes sense to stay somewhere that is more convenient to your chosen hiking destination. The same goes for other activities. While Jim is working, I often find places to bring our son to get him out of the RV and let him have a little fun beyond the campground. In this case, I look for locations that may have additional kid-friendly activities like children’s museums or indoor trampoline parks in case the weather gets bad. Pay close attention to the amenities offered at your campground – pools, ponds for fishing, bike paths and even indoor game rooms can provide hours of entertainment without leaving the campground.

Read Reviews

I love to read reviews, especially reviews written by other campers… with a caveat. When do you think to write a review? Typically we think to write reviews when we absolutely love a place or service or had the WORST experience ever. Right?! Therefore, I suggest you do as I do and take reviews with a grain of salt. I try to read them objectively, stripping as much emotion out of the review as possible. I look for facts on the actual space, the facilities or the management. For example, I try not to pay attention to the noisy neighbor comments, but to the comments on how the management handled the noisy neighbors.

Tip: Start by reading our campground reviews.

Make a Decision and Book your Campground

This one is simple. If you are torn between two locations, ask someone for advice. Your perfect campground is waiting for you – you just have to decide on it! Don’t get your heart completely set yet – you still have to book and make sure the campground has availability. We like to book online for convenience sake, but sometimes, you need to call. Especially if you have questions. Don’t be afraid to ask the staff at the campground if there is something you were unsure about – no question is a dumb question! Better safe than sorry.

We hope this helps you find the perfect campground for your next camping adventure. Happy Camping!