Fall RV camping can be the absolute best time to go camping! The air is crisp, your air condition isn’t running non-stop and the heater isn’t drying out your skin. You have just the right weather for a campfire, while still enjoying outdoor activities in and around your campground. Prepare your camper and bring just the right essentials and you will make fall the best camping season ever!

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Choose the right campground

It’s easy to get carried away with beautiful imagery of campground amenities that are best suited for the summer months – like pools, waterslides and even the beach! Don’t fall prey to this! Be sure that you determine your goals for the trip and ample activities suitable for a change in weather are available. Think fishing, hiking, fall festivals and activities that may be offered indoors if the weather is bad. Don’t forget to check that campfires and/or fire pits are allowed and available at the campsite. Don’t assume!

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5 Simple Tips for the Perfect Fall RV Getaway

Pack the right clothing – think layers!

We can’t reiterate this enough! You may leave your home and it’s a sunny 78 degrees outside with no threat of a nip in the air. However, when you wake up at that campground in the morning, you step outside to 45 or 50 degree temps and wish that you brought a sweatshirt. Dress in layers. Pack those layers too! You may not need to invest in a set of long underwear yet, but shorts probably won’t cut it! Long pants will be your friend during the fall months.

Bring extra towels

Planning on doing some water sports? How about fishing? Towels won’t dry outside your camper like they would during the summer. Bring extra towels and consider a collapsible drying rack that you can set up in your camper’s living space to allow towels to dry during the night.

5 Tips for Fall RV Camping from Roadtrip Republic

Bring along the crockpot or the Dutch oven

You may be questioning our inclusion of this tip… Don’t worry! We have a point! With the cooler weather, you may be more apt to spend more time outside, away from your camper. Who said you can’t eat a great meal though?! Don’t be a slave to your dinner – bring your crock pot or your Dutch Oven along and make your favorite fall recipe, like our Dutch Oven Chili our Dutch Oven Jambalaya. After a long day of hiking or kayaking, you will be happy to have one less task off of your plate. Complete relaxation!

Complete a check of your trailer, 5th wheel or RV BEFORE you hit the road

With the change in seasons, it’s always a great time to make sure your rig is in tip-top shape. It also doesn’t hurt that you aren’t completing maintenance items in 90 degree weather either!  Do a scan of your rig – ensure the slides are working properly, your tires are correctly inflated and aren’t damaged or worn. Check the fluids and the brakes if you are traveling in a motorhome. Make an appointment with your local RV care facility for any items you cannot fix yourself before the main season rush so you can get back on the road.

What’s your go-to tip for Fall RV Camping?