There are obvious gifts for RVers and not-so-obvious gifts for RVers. Not to fear! If you have been tasked with finding the perfect present for someone who is into camping in an RV, travel trailer or 5th wheel, this list will be your new best friend! Take one suggestion or take a few, but these are sure to please even the most hard-to-buy-for!

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For the Summer RV’ers:

The Knox Compact Ice Maker
This little ice maker packs quite the punch! 26 pounds of ice in a 24-hour period is nothing to sneeze at! Gone are the days of running out to the gas station or the general store on your campsite property. This little machine sits happily on your kitchen counter and continuously cranks the ice out – perfect for camping or even the backyard barbeque or pool time.

For the Full-timer:

Best Choice Products Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine and Spin Cycle
Let’s face it – full-time RVing can have it’s challenges along with joys. One such challenge is laundry! Most facilities we have stayed have included fairly nice laundry facilities on the premises, but in the off chance that they don’t want to spend their days held up in a laundromat watching their clothes on the spin cycle, they will be forever grateful for this little portable washing beauty! Wondering where they would put it? It’s our understanding that the RV shower is a popular venue. You can even throw in a portable dryer or a drying rack!

For the Fashion Lover:

Light the Night Mens Graphic Tee Happy Glamper Womens Graphic Tee Campfires Smores Jesus Christian Graphic Tee

What better way to showcase their love of RVing and Camping than with one of the best-fitting graphic tees you will ever find? Our RoadtripRepublic tees are perfect for camping, lounging around your RV or even running errands around town. These are the perfect stocking stuffer or main gifts for RVers.

For the Wine-loving RVer:

Harvest Hosts Affiliate Banner

Harvest Hosts Membership
This is the present that keeps on giving! While it’s not expensive at around $40, this membership is good for one year and provides the RV’er access to free (in most cases), overnight accommodation at participating limited hookups facilities throughout the United States. These facilities include wineries, farms, museums and other culturally diverse locations where activities, tours and opportunities to share in the local flair abound.

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For the Campfire Chef:

Camp Chef Dutch Oven, 12-Quart, 14″

We simply love our Dutch oven. So much so, that we use it to make our favorite recipe, our Dutch Oven Campfire Chili recipe. Most every campground you go to has fire rings or fire pits, so cooking in a campfire-ready Dutch oven really is a breeze! Whether you want to make bread, dessert, an appetizer or a full meal, the Dutch oven (with a handle – important for being campfire-ready and safe) is a must-have for those that like to cook outside.

For the Frequent Camper:

Passport America, Save 50% on Campsites
Who doesn’t want to save money on camping?! 50% off sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? With Passport America, you can give them 1 full year of 50% off camping at affiliated campgrounds throughout the United States for an investment of around $44!

For the Accident-Prone:

Good Sam Roadside Assistance

Good Sam Roadside Assistance
We have a bad habit of heading out for a trip and something breaking on us. Sure… it isn’t our fault, but if it’s going to happen, it seems that it happens to us! Good Sam Roadside Assistance has saved us on more than one occasion and has paid for itself in only 2 trips! Good Sam Roadside Assistance currently has an amazing offer of Roadside Assistance for $79.95 + 3 Months Free!

When You Just Can’t Decide:

Camping World

Camping World is a great resource for gifts and RV accessories. Check out what’s on Sale at Camping World! Hundreds of Items – Huge Savings. Click here to shop! Use their gift guide and find something that is in your budget that they will love.
Did we miss something? What is your go-to gift for the RV’er in your life?