Planning on going camping this fall? Just because you go camping doesn’t mean you don’t decorate! Amirite? It’s time to get your spooky on and bust out some fun décor for Halloween that is perfect for the campsite! These simple, but cute Halloween campsite decorations are the perfect touch to make your campsite feel like home! And bonus – they don’t take up much room to transport.

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Set out an adorable Halloween-themed Garden Flag at the edge of your campsite:

Place a Halloween-themed Vinyl Tablecloth over the picnic table provided at your campsite:

Be sure to find a tablecloth that is at least 52″ wide by 92″ long to accommodate most standard picnic tables. If you are unsure of the size provided with your campsite, call the campground directly. 

Hang Halloween-themed string lights from your RV-Awning:

Opt for battery-operated, outdoor quality string lights for durability. You will likely want to use these Halloween decorations again for camping trips to come – the last thing you want is to have lights that don’t last!

Add Halloween throw pillows in your RV for a touch of the season – and a little extra comfort:

If you already have the pillow inserts, holiday-specific pillow covers will be the most economical and the best for saving space.

The best Halloween decorations for your campsite and RV.

Halloween-themed banners and garland add a whimsical, but decorative touch to your indoor RV décor:

Can’t get it to stick?! Command Strips seem to work great in our RV for hanging a variety of items! Just make sure you get the correct strength.

What are your favorite Halloween Campsite Decorations? Do you have a special piece from home that travels with you from site to site?