You planned, packed it all and thought of everything. The only thing you didn’t count on is the rain! Don’t let a rainy day ruin your camping trip. There are TONS of ideas for your next rainy day RV trip to keep your entire family engaged and having a great time! (And HINT:: They don’t include devices!)

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Our best tips for your next Rainy Day RV Trip

Stock Up on Board Games

We LOVE board games in our house! They are relatively small and fit well in our RV. Whether you store them in your entertainment console or under your table bench seating, they are a great activity to keep in your trailer or motorhome. We recommend bringing one to two games from your home and one to two games to place in your camper that are camper-only games. This provides variety between something familiar, while adding an element of excitement as they look forward to playing games they only play when they are camping.

Here are a few recommendations for younger children:

A few of our favorites for older kids:

Card Games

Solitaire isn’t the only card game you can play while you are camping! Since a deck of cards is so small, we recommend bringing at least 2 decks of traditional playing cards. Or more if you have more kids that may want to play a game by themselves. Also consider classic card games that require very little except for a deck of specially created cards, like Uno or Goat Lords.

Take a peek at these card games suitable for families:

Screen-Free Alternatives to Keep the Kids Busy and Occupy them on your Next Rainy Day RV Camping Trip

Coloring Supplies

While you may have a hard time getting your older boys to sit down and color, art supplies are a great choice for girls and younger children that still enjoy to express a bit of creativity. A self-contained art kit will be your best bet to keep rogue crayons, markers and color pencils from decorating your camper. We typically keep a collection of coloring books, large coloring pages, blank paper and adult coloring books in our travel trailer to ensure we have something that may be suitable for anyone who wants to unleash a little creativity.

Note: We purposely didn’t recommend other art supplies like craft projects to minimize the amount of mess in your RV. Use your discretion on this one!

Some of our favorite giant coloring pages options:

If you would rather have a collection of smaller coloring books, we love these:

I rarely pass up the opportunity to color! It can be relaxing (barring the actual coloring space doesn’t annoy me because it’s too small!) and a great way to connect with your child that is screen-free. Here are a few of my favorites:


In our home or in the camper, we do our best to limit screen time. We typically make an exception and allow our son to play his LeapPad in the car to break up a long trip, but limit the use in the camper. If it is raining and there is no chance of going outside, we will allow him to watch a movie with us. We recommend bringing along movies that are family-friendly and limiting the number you bring so that you aren’t tempted to spend your trip in front of your TV. Don’t forget to buy these as DVDs or whatever method will play on your television as WiFi at campgrounds can be spotty, especially in the rain.

Here are a few rainy day, family-friendly movies that we love:

Activities Outside of Your Camper

If your kiddos are done staying inside your camper, you may have options. At least options depending on where you are camping! Look for indoor activity centers that won’t break the bank. Consider using Groupon (and get cash back with Ebates) to search what is available at a discount in your area. We often enjoy trips to:

  1. Children’s Museums
  2. Trampoline Parks
  3. Bowling Alleys
  4. Inflatables Centers
  5. Cultural Museums
  6. Plays and Theater Productions
  7. Indoor Playgrounds
  8. Indoor Go Cart Tracks

Whatever you do, just have fun! Don’t let a little rain ruin your trip – the possibilities are endless.

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What is your favorite rainy day RV activity?