It may spoil the overall tone for your next RV camping trip if you find yourself RVing in the rain, but it doesn’t have to! From staying safe on the road to keeping sane cooped up in your RV, here are our best tips to put into practice when you RV in the rain:

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Pulling or Driving Your RV in the Rain

  1. Maintain a comfortable, safe speed.
    This may sound like a no-brainer, but our family tends to need this reminder. We tend to get a bit anxious and excited to get to our next destination that it’s easy to let the speedometer creep up. Don’t fall victim to this! With thousands of pounds behind the wheel and the unpredictable behavior of other drivers, you just can’t risk it! Stay in the right lane and go the speed limit – or even less if that is more safe.
  2. Allow more time for braking and stopping.
    What may have taken you several seconds to stop on a dry road may just take a few seconds more when road conditions are wet. Follow further behind other cars and allow more time to stop. Attempt to anticipate the traffic ahead of you and try to avoid slamming on your breaks unnecessarily.
  3. Drive with your lights on.
    Most of our trucks and RVs have daytime running lights, but if you don’t, or if you aren’t sure they are on, use them! Flipping your lights on will make you more visible to other drivers on the road. More visibility = safer conditions.

Setting Up Your RV in the Rain

  1. Pack essential items so they are easily accessible.
    This tip takes some forethought, but it will save you a few minutes of hassle once you are at the campground. Make sure items like wheel chocks and leveling blocks are easily accessible. Grab them and go! Pack these in the basement of your camper or RV where there is little to know searching or moving of items that you may not want to get wet.
  2. Invest in a poncho.
    Who wants to stand out in the rain?! It’s no fun, right? A poncho is a MUCH better alternative to an umbrella or no-brella at all. Don’t skimp on the poncho. A simple disposable poncho likely won’t do the trip – make sure it’s reusable and a heavy duty, water-proof fabric that will last for years to come.

  3. Divide and conquer. 
    Obviously, this only works if you aren’t the only one camping. However, help from someone never hurt! Divide up the important, must-be-done-right-away tasks and knock your setup time in half! Have someone plug the electric up (BE CAREFUL!) while you are unhitching or ask them to get the leveling jacks ready so you can put out your slides.

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Do you have a simple, but essential tip for making the most of your next RV trip in the rain?