Hm… RV Toilet Paper. Some may say it’s not so glamorous, is it?! (Ok… ok… most would say that!) However, it’s a necessary evil in the RVing world and we are here to tell you why!

I’ve read on multiple forums of these people that haven’t used RV toilet paper for 8 years and never had a problem. Well, what about the people that have?! When it comes to anything that may hinder my comfort, especially in the smells department in our travel trailer, I would rather be safe than sorry!

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Why we use RV Toilet Paper

This is simple! RV-specific toilet paper is made to dissolve in your tanks – rapidly! Picture this, you are sitting at a campground with your family and you each use the facilities several times a day. You may be emptying your tank every other day, but the tissue is sitting in your tanks, collecting the smells, the solids and soaking up the liquids. When your toilet tissue doesn’t dissolve, it sits at the bottom of your black tank along with all of the other nasties and can even clog your blank tank.

A clog in your black tank can take a great camping trip to the worst trip ever in just a few minutes.

Why Septic-Safe Toilet Paper isn’t Enough for your RV

Sure, septic-safe toilet paper is made to dissolve faster than regular toilet paper, but it doesn’t quite dissolve as fast as the RV-specific variety. Septic tanks are in-ground and are used on the basis of long-term waste removal. Septic-safe toilet paper dissolves over the course of several days and is made to do so in a tank in the ground versus rapidly dissolving RV toilet paper than can dissolve in a matter of several hours.

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The Cost of RV Toilet Paper and How to Save

Is RV-specific toilet paper really that expensive?! When you compare it to what you purchase for your sticks-and-bricks home, you may notice a few cents more, but honestly, if it safeguards your home-on-wheels and makes the job of emptying your black tanks easier, I would happily pay a bit more! We typically use the Scott Rapidly Dissolving Toilet Paper as it is specifically recommended for RVs and boats. This specific brand, when purchased at Amazon, typically nets us about $0.75 per roll and even less (like $0.65 per roll) if we do subscribe and save. At the time of writing, there are also digital coupons that may be applied to lower the overall cost as well. If you are in a pinch, roll into your neighborhood Wal-Mart where they typically sell a 4-pack in the RV section for about $3.50 (Ouch! Much less expensive on Amazon!).

Our Top Pick for RV Toilet Paper

There are also additional brands that have good reviews. You will find these recommendations below:

Septic-safe Wipes and Your RV Plumbing

We have also been asked if you can use Septic-safe wipes in your RV toilet and our answer is, “We wouldn’t!” Yes, it’s appealing to help your little one potty train with a wipe versus toilet paper or even to feel like you are getting a better clean, but it’s not appealing to potentially harm your RV plumbing. I would choose the safer route here – it may not mess up your system, but why take the chance?!

What RV Toilet paper have you used in the past? Have a story for us of when you didn’t use the right TP and you wish you did?