Before the “Artic Blast” that has swept the South this month, we had the opportunity to spend several days at the Stone Mountain Park Campground with our travel trailer. It was a bit of a staycation and a quick trip as it is about a 45 minute drive from our home – a jaunt that isn’t overwhelming and proves to be quite comfortable as we are highly familiar with the area and can get around quite easily. The Stone Mountain Park Campground (and the park for that matter) is located in Stone Mountain, GA, about 30 minutes from downtown Atlanta and 1.5 hours from Athens which is a great stopping point for those visiting in and around Georgia. If you haven’t been to Stone Mountain before, it’s a must-see for anyone with a remote interest in history and/or the outdoors.

Overall Grade of the Stone Mountain Park Campground: Thumbs Up

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The check-in process was great! There is a special parking area that you drive into at the entrance to the campground where you park and get out of your RV. (Think pull-through spot here.) The staff inside the office were very friendly and helpful as we checked in. Our space was preassigned as we had made the reservation about a week prior to our stay. We were handed a map, provided directions and were given a sticker for our tow vehicle so that we did NOT have to pay the entrance fee to the park as we came and went for the duration of our trip.

(NOTE: You do have to pay the initial entrance fee to Stone Mountain Park upon entering the main facilities before you make your way to the campground. Yearly passes are also available if you plan to spend additional time at Stone Mountain Park at another date.)

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Campsite Space:
As mentioned, we made our reservation for our space approximately a week prior to our stay. This posed a bit difficult to obtain a premium space as it was the weekend of the Indian Pow-Wow and our selection was quite limited. We ended up with an end space on the aisle of one of the loops. While the space itself was positioned well to come and go from the park, the actual campsite was troublesome. We didn’t have enough blocks to adequately level our trailer leaving us slightly tipped forward for a few nights.

We spoke to the campground staff after a few nights (and after the weekend rush had left) and were allowed to change spaces closer to the water and across from the people we were camping with. This space proved much more level and a bit more

Campground Cleanliness:
We were definitely happy with the cleanliness of the Stone Mountain Park Campground facilities. From the streets throughout the campground to the trash receptacles near the bathhouses to the actual campground spaces and amenities, the campground gets our highest rating for cleanliness.

I didn’t expect Wi-Fi at the campground, so when we arrived and they mentioned they had it, we were estatic to have the chance to do a little work, if we need to, at the campground. Our signal at our assigned space wasn’t spectacular, but you could go to the main area, including the playground and get a decent signal. It was certainly adequate for checking email and perusing your social media accounts.

While I didn’t use the bathhouse on this trip, we did check it out in order to review it for you. While the bathhouses at the Stone Mountain Park Campground aren’t the newest of facilities, if you need them, you will be happy with the level of cleanliness provided. Showers, toilets and ample space to do your hair or your makeup is provided.

Nature surrounds you at every turn at the Stone Mountain Park Campground and throughout the entire park!

Playgrounds. The campground does have a playground accessible for your children when they want a break from the activities just being in nature provide.

Pool. Open seasonally, there is a pool available to guest of the Stone Mountain Park Campground. Sadly, it was not available during our stay.

Sand Volleyball Court and Horseshoe Court. Want to play a little volleyball or try your hand at a game of horseshoes? The campground features facilities available to its guests to enjoy both activities throughout the year.

Petting the Goats at the Stone Mountain Park Petting Zoo in at Stone Mountain Park in Stone Mountain, GA. The perfect day trip, RV trip or activity near Atlanta.

Activities. There are several planned activities throughout the campground at different times of the year; however, the appeal of the Stone Mountain Park Campground, at least for us, is the opportunity to be close to everything that Stone Mountain Park offers. From climbing Stone Mountain to playing in their village area with the adventure pass, riding the Ducks, fishing or simply exploring festivals, the petting zoo or learning a little about history or even the Laser Show, there is no excuse for boredom!

What You Need to Know:
Fire Rings. There are fire rings at each campsite. Firewood is available at the campground store and is easy to access.

Book early. We would have been able to get a better spot from the get-go if we would have planned ahead! Booking early on their website or over the telephone is simple and allows you the opportunity to choose your space prior to arrival.

Try to plan your activities before you go. Get on the Stone Mountain Park website and have a feel for what you may want to do while you are at the Park. While there are a ton of activities, it is easy to get overwhelmed, and easy to spend an arm and a leg too if you haven’t found the right balance between activities you pay for and activities that are included with your parking pass (like climbing the mountain).

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